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You are interested in a job as an ever-court coach? You love tennis? You love to work in teams and give your self for a good job? You are a good tennis player? You love to work with Wimbledon Champions and tennis heros? You love to see the tennis films on "ever-court on youtube"? You love to work in the sun and communicate with interesting guests?

Than you have every thing a "ever-court" tennis trainer has.

Click on our Pdf file. Sorry, the information is in German. Because you need to speak English and a little bit of German for the job and our German guests.


First information (in German):

Join our Team, first information and dates


Download your application form download: (sorry, in German too)

Join our Team, application form



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Der"ever-court" soundtrack
"The Legend".
Produziert von Detlev Schmelzenbach, Deutschland.
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