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The ever-court coaches, ever-court - the system, flexible, best material, trainer teamwork, show time, happy guests.


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The ever-court coaches:
There is currently a network of 240 ever-court tennis instructors. All of the trainers have a certificated training licence from the DTB (German Tennis Federation) or an equivalent international license. To ensure a continuing high level of training performance all the instructors participate in yearly coaching seminars and clinics with Peter McNamara and other Star-Coaches.
90% of the ever-court trainers are university students, young doctors, sport instructors in schools, or professionals (architects, business consultants, etc.). All of them play tennis on a high competitive level. All of them have excellent German and English language skills. They work for ever-court in 2-4 week periods, most of them several times a year. They love working with ever-court under the sun in a relaxed atmosphere with our tennis guests and Star-Coaches.
ever-court, a flexible working environment:
The ever-court trainer network has a unique kind of flexibility. The Star-Coaches and trainers are motivated to work in 2-4 week periods. That has proven to be part of the continuing success we have in working with hotels and federations – where constantly changing demands, trends and timetables need flexibility.


Happy guests – the goal

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"The Legend".
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